About us

Softyflow is a SoftyDev product built exclusivly to bring high added values to enterprises through their digital transformation initiatives. 

Softyflow, collaborate with organizations that are keen to transform their business and align with digital transformation. We work hand in hand with our customers to co-create and deliver value ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption

Exceed your expectations by making a good use of  adequate processes, collaboration with our team and provide continuous assistance to en users. We can definitely help you transform, build prototypes, test concepts and implement them in no time.

Using softyflow, not only you can scale and transform but also change the way information is shared, automate your flows, business tasks and much more.

Our Values

Each member of the Softyflow team is a pillar. Therefore, we are constantly looking for talented idea producers in order to accompany them throughout their careers.

Community First

Much more than a company, SoftyDev is above all a community of talents sharing the same values

Fun and Creativity

Above all, we strongly believe that work, combined with pleasure, is an engine for ideas and creativity…


Cooperation is part of our DNA. In other words, Mutual aid, fair play and sharing are our default values

The Technology to ease your digital transformation

Softyflow, Low code platform for Enterprise Applications

A powerful code platform delivering the most efficient solutions, workflows, and applications available for all device types.  

We are absolutly passionate about what we do, as a result 100% of our customers would recommande us. Certainly, quality is part of our DNA and that’s why we always commit to deliver to achieve your goals throughout your digital transformation journey.