API Management

Softyflow API Management module

Your data and digital capabilities are invaluable. But they are often hidden, which makes them expensive and difficult to exploit. Unlocking their value securely and profitably through API management is the key to a seamless customer experience and continuous innovation in your organization.

APIs connect ecosystems by exposing data, functions and processes and integrating them into new applications, products and services that deliver greater business value. SoftyFlow API Management module, provides everything your business needs to build, publish, deploy, and scale APIs in the safest, most cost-effective way.

Softyflow, Low code platform for Enterprise Applications. A powerful code platform delivering the most efficient solutions, workflows and applications available on all devices.

API Management, your key for success

The digital needs of businesses around the world have gone beyond traditional API management. To implement agile platforms, companies must be able to use all of their digital capabilities, in the cloud and on premises, across multiple API gateways and various integration models, governed by different vendors. SoftyFlow gives you the key to manage this complexity.