Softyflow is the solution to structure your digital HR Operations

Softyflow for HR

SoftyFlow is the solution to structure a digital human resources department. We will understand how the development and implementation of a well-planned workflow solution within the human resources department can make a difference in the hiring and people management processes in companies. But first, we need to understand the concept of workflow.

We always emphasize the importance of storage and physical management of documents, whether they are physically organized in companies or in our surveillance warehouses.

However, there are also active documents, those that are processed and are in constant flow in organizations, which are used daily by financial or human resources departments, for example. They must also be managed, and if this management is carried out correctly, it can become an important differentiator for operational activities in companies.

Importance of Workflow

Workflow means the use of resources, methodologies and tools that allow the processing of information and documents, in addition to the execution in stages of activities and tasks, following an appropriate flow to each department of the company, where all those involved in the processes execute certain actions, in an aligned manner, that lead to the expected fulfillment of the activity. The concept of workflow does not exclude the possibility of non-automated execution of activities. However, this is the best way to use it, obtaining the best results.

Digital HR and workflow in practice

Before the execution and implementation of any SoftyFlow project in the organization, a reliable understanding of the flow of activities, deadlines, documentation and teams involved must be carried out.

For the implementation of a digital human resources solution, where the processing of physical documents and contractual signatures is constant, it will first be necessary to map the documentation path, be it physical or electronic, which includes the managers, the executors and the deadlines for each activity until the conclusion of the project. process. Meticulous work that is critical to success and that can be achieved through specifications workshops.