IBM Notes migration

Lotus Notes Migration

Lotus Notes has been on the market for decades, and has remained until now a part of the IT ecosystems of many companies. In the recent years, however, there has been a significant movement away from Lotus Notes to more modern solutions than IBM’s aging product.


Migrate to Softyflow

Migration of e-mail services and basic features is not typically the end of the migration. For many years, Lotus Notes has been widely used to deliver workflow-based applications for many companies. To prevent a situation where two competing IT ecosystems are in place (Lotus Notes and SharePoint), organizations have decided to migrate workflow-based applications.

Unlike a simple e-mail migration, there is no tool on the market that is capable of automatically migrating complex applications. It is worth keeping in mind that many companies developed sophisticated and complex workflow solutions, making a potential migration even more difficult. In cases like this, the only solution is to re-create them from a scratch with Softyflow. This allows users to re-create their business applications in a low-code manner, which is significantly easier and quicker compared to custom coding.