With Softyflow, make IT Service Management the core of digital transformation 

IT has the opportunity to support digital transformation across the enterprise, and an integrated workflow solution to support IT services is critical to success. 
Softyflow platform supports even the most complex requirements, while bringing a new level of simplicity, agility, and mobility necessary for IT services to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-deliver tool.

What does ITSM mean to you? For us, its meaning goes beyond its ability to provide service to users, although this is the most important thing. You also need to be able to shape your organization’s digital transformation journey.

Softyflow as Single Platform

Achieve cost reduction and IT maturity with a single platform. Your current technologies and industry standard processes must be easily integrated into a single platform to be successful. Standardization and automation follow naturally. Keep costs low and productivity high with a platform that responds to business changes, enables users to enjoy an experience that fosters adoption, and delivers value with robust workflow capabilities.

User experience first

Attract users with a better experience, in addition to finding the IT solution that best meets the level of maturity of your company, you must also be able to design and offer unique and specific user experiences for each function of your organization.

Every feature counts, but it is simplicity, not complexity, that enables successful use of IT workflows. Stop looking for excuses and start your digital transformation journey with Softyflow by implementing IT services workflows:

  • Incident Management: Processes for managing IT disruptions and restoring services within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • IT requests: Digitization of IT hardware / software requests by automating the selection and acquisition of hardware and / or software
  • Access Management: Management of access requests, allowing IT departments to grant users access to systems / applications as well as assign appropriate rights in the applications concerned
  • Hardware decommissioning: Application for tracking the decommissioning of IT equipment, including its deactivation, deletion, purging or archiving of data and its destruction or recycling
  • Ticket management: Application allowing to request IT assistance by creating a “ticket”, thus recording the different interactions and thanks to which IT can then work on the problem

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