Softyflow for all devices

Not all processes happen in the office. When you have resources out in the field or on the go, you need a mobile workflow solution that is optimized for screens of all sizes. With SoftyFlow, you create dynamic business processes that can be completed on the go. From your mobile device, complete and submit a form to kick off a workflow, respond to requests, collect signatures, and more. Keep processes running smoothly, securely, and on time, no matter where you’re working from.

SoftyFlow makes it easy to add custom branding and features to your mobile apps. Each business process can be displayed as a unique app on your mobile device, specific to different roles and departments. Sign an HR form in one mobile app, then submit a safety inspection report in another—it’s easy to design apps that meet every business need.

Real time Notification, Scan & Geolocation

Easily collect and route data from your phone or tablet with SoftyFlow features like image and video attachments, barcode and QR scanning, and geolocation tagging.

With rules-driven automated distribution of collected data, workers can relay information in real time, no matter their location.