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Find out how Softyflow will provide you the perfect platform to build and deploy your applications at global scale
Web Modeler

The softyflow web modeler make easier building user forms with simple drag and drop of several UI elements. 
Build your end user forms and connect it to your processes very easily with our Web modeler

Powerful Process Engine

A user friendly process modeler and powerful engine are provided by Softyflow. Build your business workflows with simple drag and drop of key business compenents : Manual tasks, Mail notifications, Connectors and much more !

Integration Bus

Integrate your business workflows with Cloud or onPremise systems using our connectors and custom API. It have never been easier to connect through our custom connectors to your ERPs, Active Directory or onPremise databases


Store your data into a non SQL databases such as MongoDB. Data indexation is automatically provided by Softyflow to perform big queries on Data. Our SDK provides custom APIs to perform CRUD operations on our databases

Reports and Dashboards

Softyflow provide powerful reports and Dashboards through pre-implemented compenents. Drag and drop and your reports are ready. Very powerful to make decisions using custom or default KPIs


The Softyflow web modeler have been designed to match every device from mobile to laptop. Nothing to configure, Softyflow will manage everything !

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Web Modeler

Drag and drop Pre-built compenents using our Web Modeler

Softflow provides the drag and drop of pre-built components to easily design end user forms. Preview layouts, make complex scripts, and benefit from latest Elements provided by Softyflow.
Process Modeler

Build custom workflows using standard BPMN Model

Identify the workflow steps, users and roles involved and build visually complex workflows. You can easily import your bpm files into our process modeler and Softyflow will manage everything !
MongoDB Collections

Store your business data using our internal SDK on noSQL Databases

Securily store your data and connect Mongo databases to your worfklow for reporting. Softyflow provides Pre-built APIs to make CRUD operations
Centralized tool to organize your application resources

User friendly IDE

Use our custom development environment to easily access to all Softyflow components and application projects.
Powerful tool for reporting


Use our reports configuration module to expose to the end users. Define complex measures and Data source : Process, MongoDB and use our custom filters

One unified access to Application store

Softyflow provides a centralized access to all your Enteprise application using our Homepage Pre-built module automatically deployed to your account. Access to different resources is based on each user access rights. Of course you can customize your own stylesheet and design.

Let us help you resolve your business chalenges

    Full Stack Building

    Integrated features like drag-and-drop, business processes, logic, and data models help create full-stack apps.
    Today, we propose models to not simply to add digital technologies to processes but also to use them and run.

    One Click effect

    For more fexibility, Softyflow is designed to be used with instant results thanks to single clicks and full integration.

    Smooth Architecture

    Not everyone is pure technical, so we designed Softyflow to be used by all the team and to keep good results.
    Because we know visual is important; we decided to build a simple and nice model.