Manage your Procurement and Logistics processes with Softyflow

Logistics workflows are a fundamental part of the operation of a company

They are, so to speak, its backbone as they allow it to do the two main tasks of any company regardless of its size: to be able to produce or offer a service and to be able to have a service or product for a customer. That is why Softyflow performs the best cloud platform with the intention of making your organization ahead of the competition. We have prepared this article for you to understand the importance of procurement & logistics workflows in a company.

What does the procurement & logistics workflow include?

The words procurement & logistics usually refer to the tasks of storage, supply and exit of the so-called stocks regardless of their nature as well as that of the company itself. However, the concept of logistics flow includes many other dimensions complementary to those. The procurement & logistics workflows have to do in general with the administration of goods and services. This includes all processes from when raw materials are acquired at their point of origin to the delivery of a finished product to an end customer or a new business partner.

That is why the procurement & logistics workflows are not strictly a storage and provisioning task. It is in fact a joint task that includes many departments, levels and actors even external to the company. Ultimately, the main objective of Softyflow is to increase the value of the product for the customer at minimum costs for the producer with lean processes.

Internal Workflows

The internal procurement & logistics workflow is the part of the logistics flow that analyzes the unloading of the product in a warehouse and all its internal operations. At the same time, within the internal logistics flow we must include the physical flow of the products in the warehouse.

Here are the most common ones:

  • Product tag management system
  • Products and characteristics sheet
  • Inventory control

External workflows

The external logistics flow includes the supply chain and the distribution chain. The supply process begins with the extraction of raw materials, and therefore several intermediate agents are included until the end of the supply, storage, distribution and consumption stage.

Among the many Procurement & logistics applications Softyflow has performed, here are the most common ones:

  • Purchase order management
  • Reception and shipment of products / material
  • Entries, departures and regularizations
  • Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Price rates

Thanks to Softyflow you can be in complete control

  • Manage your suppliers and control the supply of your company’s material, consulting the stock and movements of your warehouses. Check the movements related to your products and access the document that caused the movement with a click.
  • Easily manage all inventory movements, inputs, outputs and the status of your warehouses at all times
  • Make purchase orders for the material from your suppliers. Reception of material and registration of supplier invoices. Detailed or global warehouse inventory management. Place purchase orders from sales orders automatically.

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