How Softyflow takes Sales & Marketing automation to the next level

Lead nurturing is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy

Why? Because if you’re not going to manage your leads properly, you’re wasting time, marketing resources, and money. Softyflow takes lead nurturing and lead conversion to the next level. This is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers today. workflows with Softyflow allow you to build stronger relationships with your potential customers, send better quality leads to your sales team, and save you more time at the helm. thinking of the global marketing strategy.

What exactly are workflows within Sales & Marketing ?

In inbound marketing, workflows are a series of automated actions that make it easier to know a person’s behaviors or contact information and allow us to work more fluidly and efficiently. But the workflows go beyond marketing automation. Through workflows you can send e-mail messages, update contact information, add or remove contacts from the mailing list and trigger email notifications.

Let’s imagine a person, a potential client, who comes to your website and downloads a part of its content, and now you want to send this lead to your CRM system because it is ready for sale. Based on what you know about the history of this lead, you can increase his score as a contact because he is now more qualified. Thanks to the workflows, you can move the classification of this contact from “lead” to the “opportunity” stage, and you can send him a call-to-action or custom call to action.

Your goal here is to lose as little time as possible, so define the rules you want so that you can automate the processes. Softyflow does a myriad of tasks for you that you can’t imagine and, better yet, they make all of them an easy process. With Softyflow, you can trigger actions based on whatever information you have about your potential customers, allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

3 reasons why you should be using Softyflow

Workflows are one of the most powerful tools available for modern marketing. Let’s take a look at three of the reasons why you should use a workflow tool for easier and more efficient lead management.

1. Workflows will help you convert more leads into actual customers

Workflows give you the opportunity to do very powerful segmentation. Being able to group your potential clients based on different properties and behaviors means that you can tailor your emails and your lead nurturing process to their specific interests and needs.

2. The content and timing of workflows can be customized

For example, if you have a few potential customers that are much closer to buying ready than others, you can set up a workflow to send them three emails per week instead of one. If your potential customers who are small business owners respond better to emails sent during the weekends, you can configure your workflow for these leads to activate the sending of emails only on Saturdays and Sundays, and maybe only in the morning.

3. Using Softyflow as the backbone of your sales & marketing strategy

It’s time to think about how to get started with your workflows. You should consider using a Softyflow.
Why ? For a simple but compelling reason, because it will improve your lead conversion and make your marketing more effective.

  • You’re generating leads, but ignoring the ones that aren’t ready to buy yet
  • Your sales team is not satisfied with the quality of the leads 
  • You are sending the same emails to your entire email list
  • You’re gathering valuable information from prospects, but you’re not using it
  • You are not targeting your messages based on the needs of your prospects
  • You send or track all your email messages manually
  • You are updating the contact information of your leads manually.

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