Business cases

Find out how Softyflow can answer to your business chalenges by area, industry and use cases. Focus on your prefered business area and check out how we can provide the right solution for you quickly

Purchasing Automation

SoftyFlow’s solution for the automation of purchase requisitions optimizes the management of requests and orders for goods and services. What does it mean? That each request receives your authorization, each invoice is reconciled with your request, and all the information is in one place.
Plus, the solution is so easy to use that it can be quickly rolled out to any employee across the organization.

  • Improved budget controls and tracking through real-time analysis
  • Simplified and optimized cash flow management
  • Strengthening fraud prevention, discounts and global compliance

Dematerialization of HR Processes

Onboarding and Offboarding are a long process, Softyflow will help automate employee’s follow-up process from sending the application to their first day of work to the last.

With Softyflow, Hiring processes will be accelerated, transparent and followed on real time basis.

Streamline & automate your HR workflows, based on your reccurent needs.

Finance & Legal

Purchase to pay build apps that will be a full automation of the purchasing process, passing by requirement identification, planning, budgeting, and closing with the procurement and payment.

Contract & Invoice Management a monitoring of the life cycle of a contract & Invoices from its day (creation) and its application to its storage / archiving in a dedicated document base. 

Logistic & Procurement

Purchase orders Order tracking process, starting from creation till the approval of the purchase order, including shipping, delivery, invoicing and closing.

Reference provider audit choose a quality control of supplier deliverable, based on comparison of payment and contractual conditions.

Claim and refund management run applications allowing the optimization of the processing of claims and refunds.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing studies management of marketing studies through a process of distributing tasks statistics and analysis to facilitate strategic decision-making.

Price change starting with product creations and price modifications with the initiation of an approval process with verification of the concerned parts till their agreement.

Lead management a full automation of lead capture either through outbounding or inbounding.


IT requests digitalisation of IT hardware/software requests by automating the selection and acquisition of hardware and/or software.

Tickets management deploy applications allowing to request IT assistance by creating a “ticket”, thanks to interactions, IT can then work on the problem.

Incident management Softyflow will help create an automated processes for managing IT disruptions and restoring services within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs)