Workflow and Task automation

Powerful Process Engine

SoftyFlow allows you straightforward Task automation thanks to user-focused tools that make designing a complex series of tasks much simpler. In most cases, tasks are arranged using a drag and drop interface, that allows for a variety of different task types to be arranged and connected to simulate the real-world task workflow. This is also sometimes referred to as “workflow automation.”

The tasks in a process can include forms to be completed, approvals to be provided, assignment of work, triggering of another system, data retrieval, sending emails and alerts, SoftyFlow includes a variety of pre-built tasks like these that can be arranged sequentially or in parallel, based on the order tasks.

Key benefits

  • Reduced manual handling

  • Reduced errors

  • Policy compliance adherence

  • Improved visibility

  • Improved employee satisfaction

  • NodeJS Process Engine

  • Better workload management

  • Reduced approval cycles